“From receiving a nomination to being told I’d won, and speaking to the judges at their event – the whole process has been fantastic. Thanks very much Best of the Best – what a journey!”

“Jake from the awards team was brilliant, guiding me through all of my options and enabling me to celebrate my award properly. My trophy now has pride of my place in my office – thanks guys.”

“These awards are a great concept – really honouring businesses of all sizes that have put the hard yards in and served their communities. Winning the award is a really important moment for me and my team so thanks so much to the judges and the rest of the team!”

“My business has only really emerged in the last year or two so this award came as a really pleasant surprise! We have worked hard on our marketing and promotion, getting feedback from our valued customers to fine-tune how we do things – so to see all that effort appreciated is really rewarding.”

“Cheers Best of the Best awards! So glad I was able to bring my brilliant team along to the winners’ event too – a great occasion and so many interesting people to network with there.”

“The judges and Zack from the awards team – thank you so much. I wasn’t sure that my business was going to survive the last couple of years but we did it! Getting this recognition says that it was all worth it.”

“What a pleasure it was to win this award – thanks so much to the awards team and the judges for this. It’s great recognition and it’s a proud moment for my staff and volunteers who do great work.”

“Me and my team barely made it through the pandemic but I’m so glad we did – we’ve smashed it since and I’m so glad the Best of the Best awards recognised that!”

“A small business in the north winning an award? It’s the stuff of dreams, cheers guys!”

“Ben from the awards team was brilliant – he sounded just as excited as I was!! Best of the Best have been a real pleasure to deal with over the phone AND in-person. Brilliant all round.”