The Lifestyle & Shopping category will comprise a breadth of brands and businesses who have become a focal points on their community’s high street, heightened the accessibility of certain products, or developed exceptional ecommerce spaces. From artisans who are creating unique items, to businesses who have brought them to the masses, the Best of the Best Awards team is keen to recognise those who are making a difference.

Business leaders who have had the courage to make an innovative product or concept a reality are often the lifeblood of the lifestyle and retail industries. Furthermore, challenging periods in recent years have limited opportunities for smaller, independent businesses to flourish. Those who have emerged from those periods have showed real character, and recognition through this awards programme offers them the chance to take their businesses to a new level.

Companies across the lifestyle and shopping sectors are welcome to nominate themselves for consideration in this year’s awards programme. Through extensive research, Best of the Best’s panel of judges will select the winners based on each nominee’s stand-out qualities. If you know of a company you feel deserves recognition for its services, feel free to submit a nomination form for consideration.