The Best of the Best awards programme is just that – recognising those businesses who are performing at the highest level in their industry. From entrepreneurial start-ups and SMEs to international corporations, the awards team finds and celebrates businesses that are making an exceptional contribution in their sector. Furthermore, the BOTB business awards cognize business leaders and teams that are going above and beyond their original mission – making a difference to communities on a regional and/or global scale.

From businesses who have developed unique and creative processes, to those who have achieved stellar growth through sustainable methods, there are a number of factors which the dedicated team of judges will consider when picking the winners. Each nomination is extensively researched by the decision-making team which boasts a diverse range of business experience and expertise. For an award winner, the recognition offers a chance to take your business to another level by harnessing the power of social media, and through promotional materials and publications.

This annual programme is published online via a digital Best of the Best Awards magazine and through a printed edition, whilst the deserved winners will have the opportunity to celebrate their achievement at in-person events. These events enable businesses to meet the esteemed judges, take part in promotional interviews and photo shoots, and create future opportunities through networking with other award-winning attendees.


Nominees are uncovered through three methods. Best of the Best’s dedicated awards team may have found businesses through extensive research or first-hand experience, whilst nominations are encouraged through external submissions from clients and customers. Furthermore, the programme also accepts self-nominations – but every nomination received goes through a rigorous judging process.

Each confirmed nominee will be contacted by the awards team to deliver the news and confirm whether that business is happy to be on a final shortlist. Those businesses can submit extra materials that could further boost their chances of winning. However, the awards team will have also conducted a thorough examination of the company’s website, online testimonials, and any materials that are available to the general public.

Winning your category is the result of an extensive judging process that takes a number of factors into consideration. The team of judges – which is composed of experienced professionals and business leaders – will consider your nomination on a number of levels. From the service or product offered and your growth over the last 12 months, to your customer feedback record, the judges are seeking the best performers.

All of Best of the Best Awards winners will be featured in the programme’s publication, both in digital and print format, alongside the newsletter which is seen by thousands of business-minded subscribers. However, there are numerous ways in which winners can take their achievements to another level through promotional packages. These include trophies, certificates, social media packs, and in-depth coverage in our publication through features and interviews.

We offer a range of promotional packages and items to Best of the Best Award winners, from a listing in the digital publication and content in our magazine to trophies and certificates.

We also encourage all winners to publicly announce their win independently. Announcements via company websites, social media, publicly released press releases, and through local and national press are proven methods to maximise exposure following such an achievement. This award is a recognised endorsement of your company’s expertise and professionalism, providing a leading edge over competitors.


The mindset at Best of the Best is that winners aren’t selected purely based on the number of nominations or ‘votes’ received. Instead, the judges look at each nominated company as an individual case, and analyse where they have excelled over the last 12 months in particular. Some of the nominees have entered themselves, whilst others may have been nominated by their colleagues or customers. Regardless, each nominee enters the process on a level playing field.

When you are contacted and informed of your confirmed nomination, you’ll have to confirm that you want to be part of the final shortlist for your category. It’s then a waiting game whilst the panel of judges deliberate, but if you’re a winner then the awards team will let you know.

Not necessarily straight away. Close friends and colleagues are fine, but announcements to the press or through social media pages should be left until the official release of the awards publication. You will also have the opportunity to gain extra coverage of your win, so this is factored in too. Trust us – we want to tell the world just as soon as you do!

There are no fees required in being a nominee or a Best of the Best Award winner. Each winner will receive a level of coverage in our publication for no charge, ensuring that every business gets the opportunity to celebrate. However, we do have a variety of cost-effective promotional packages that our winners can order. These can really maximise the benefit of a business award, enabling your success to reach a bigger audience.

Not at all, each of the winners will be invited to an event. Here, you can meet the judges and other members of the team, take photos with your certificates and trophies, and speak to a vast collection of proud winners. Furthermore, you can bring as many people from your team as you want! A large majority of the events are based in the UK, but Best of the Best aims to make them as accessible as possible.