The world’s education and training industries are helping develop the professionals of today and tomorrow, making a large contribution to the success of modern society. From specialist community schools and higher education institutions, to inspirational life coaches and those that are enabling people to alter career paths, this part of the awards programme is a blend of sectors that demonstrate strong leadership, expertise, and the ability to connect with people on a deeper level.

By taking part in this year’s awards programme, businesses and individuals who are excelling in the education and training sectors can ensure their services, learning practices, and talented staff get the recognition they deserve. Furthermore, this displays a show of genuine confidence from business leaders in their team’s efforts and the results being created – leading to further success in the future.

Companies across the education and training sectors are welcome to nominate themselves for consideration in this year’s awards programme. Through extensive research, Best of the Best’s panel of judges will select the winners based on each nominee’s stand-out qualities. If you know of a company you feel deserves recognition for its services, feel free to submit a nomination form for consideration.